A downloadable game for Windows

Classic real-time strategy game with only one enemy.

Code - Nick Feofentov

Game Design - Lena Nikitina

Interface and Art Search - Mike Sovin

Free 3D Assets were used.

Patch 1 resolves critical bug on dragon's landing. Landing was disabled. No more changes. Enjoy!

How to play

  • Your resources are shown at the top right corner of the window.  There are: gold (yellow), wood (green) and current/maximum units (blue).
  • Peasants can build Farms and Barracks. 
  • Farms produces cows automatically. Each cow increases the maximum of units by 2  (cows aren't count). 
  • You can train Archers at Barracks. Peasants are trained at Townhall.
  • Other buildings do nothing at the moment.
  • Inactive build button of unit or building means you need more resources.

First things to do

Build a Farm, train more Peasants, mine gold, cut down trees, build Barracks and start training Archers.

Kill the Dragon.


One Dragon Jam Build patch 1.zip 35 MB
One Dragon Jam Build.zip 35 MB

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