Field Hospital: Dr. Taylor's Story is now available for wishlist on Steam:


Narrative-driven game about hard choices

Original version of the game created for Ludum Dare 46 game jam in just 72 hours.

Your job is to decide whether a patient requires immediate treatment or not.

Use any available information: family status, criminal record or medical testing. Don’t forget, that’s there are way more patients than you can treat at once.

Remember: every decision has its consequences. You can’t save all, but does everyone really deserve to be saved?

Fullscreen mode is recommended.

It is also recommended to beat the game to the end for the full experience. There are 6 days and an extra day at the end of the War where you’ll have an opportunity to discover what happened to those, who you saved.

Check carefully each case. Fates of some patients have direct influence over other’s and even over your own!

Good luck, Doctor!


Field Hospital 1.1 (Linux).zip 42 MB
Field Hospital 1.1 (Mac) 40 MB
Field Hospital 1.1 (Win).zip 40 MB


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this game- omg the end had me shaking it felt so realistic and i think some of the stories are real 10/10

Hmm. Thats interesting. Is the whole game just treating and refusing, or is there more like side quests?

Really cool game! I love the backstories and choices, it's such an interesting gameplay :)